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Sinkiewicz’s Edge: Experience

Lifelong Democrat and Acting District Attorney Mark Sinkiewicz has been running a very active race for Seneca County district attorney. He faces two opponents seeking the same office, John Nabinger, running on the Republican and Conservative lines, and Christopher Folk, who is holding down ballot positions for the Working Families, Libertarian, and Sam parties.

What will give Mark an edge at the polls on November 5 is his experience in the county prosecutor’s office, and he hopes county Dems will keep this point in mind when they talk to friends and neighbors. He has been an assistant district attorney for 7 years, First Assistant District Attorney for 9 years, and since January of this year he has served as Acting District Attorney. No other candidate has this depth of prosecutorial experience—or the endorsement of the New York State Troopers Investigative Association.

Another asset Mark will bring to the district attorney role is his history in the Seneca County community, where he is a familiar presence. In addition to his years of work in the north end Mark has lived in the south end for 20 years and has been engaged in community activities there. He has served on school board, has been active in Lions Club, and has played a formative role in musical life South Seneca. What this means, he says, is that “when I go into court I know who and what I am protecting. If you’re new in town you can’t claim that.”

Circle November 5 on your calendar. Punch in a reminder on your phone, and get to the polls to give Mark your vote!

Remember early voting is from October 26th to November 3rd at the Board of Elections in Waterloo

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