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New District, New Election Dates: Welcome to the NY-24 CD

Wow, it has been a wild ride. New York state drew up new congressional districts, then those districts were overturned by a judge, and now we have new new districts. Seneca County is now part of the brand new NY-24 Congressional District. To see a map, check out our Congressional election page. 

On top of all that, our Congressman, Tom Reed, resigned. There will be a special election to replace him, but it will take place in the old NY-23 CD.  Which includes Seneca County.

So, what does this mean for you? You will have a lot of chances to vote. Let's take them in order. 

June 28th is the Democratic Primary to choose candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. See the candidate profiles here. Only Democrats can vote. If you are registered in Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Fayette, Junius or Tyre, you will also vote to choose  one male and one female representative from the Seneca County portion of the 131st A.D. to the NY State Democratic Committee.  Voting information, including early voting hours, can be found on our Voting Information page. 

August 23rd is the Democratic Primary to choose the Candidate for Congress, representing our NEW district, NY-24. Only Democrats can vote. Check out the Congressional Page on this website. 

August 23rd  is also the special election to replace Tom Reed. All registered voters (any party) can vote. The Democratic candidate in this election will be Max della Pia. Learn more about him on the Congressional Page of this website. The winner of this election will serve in Congress only until January of 2022. 

November 8, 2022 The General Election (for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Member of Congress for the NY-24 CD). Please make sure you and your loved ones are all registered. Information about absentee ballots and early voting will be posted on this website

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