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Breakfast with the Grinch

Breakfast with the Grinch

The Grinch, Dr. Seuss’s grumpy green grabber who stole Christmas from the Whos, was eventually transformed by kindness. Last month the rehabilitated Grinch made an appearance at the Fayette Fire Department the morning of December 21. What, you may ask, could have possibly brought the Grinch so far from Whoville? 

Pancakes and a passel of kids! “Breakfast with the Grinch” was a holiday event sponsored by the Seneca County Democratic Committee and led by Charles Brady and Melissa Brown. Hundreds of pancakes with young people to serve. Quarts and quarts of maple syrup. Sausages by the score  and—of course—the Grinch himself. Large as life and fuzzy as fantasy, the Grinch wore a permanent smile and offered a hug for kids brave enough to stand next to him for a photo op.

Congratulations to Charles (with the Grinch in the photo) and Melissa and thanks to the Fayette Fire Department. “Breakfast with the Grinch” was a most successful, feel-good-taste-good event!

As a certain grumpy green guy headed out the door for Whoville and a well-deserved nap, he muttered aloud he might like to come back. Then he was gone. And what to their wondering eyes did the committee perceive? Eight hundred green ones he decided to leave!

We would like to thank everyone that came to our Breakfast with the Grinch event. Special that go to our Grinches (you know who you are...).

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