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David Wagenhauser for Congress NY-24

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I'm not a knee-jerk Democrat. I believe in getting things done to make people's lives better. It starts with finding common ground. I'll work with anyone who can help me in my fight to deliver results for the people and communities of Upstate NY.


That means making Upstate more affordable for working families, safeguardng Social Security and Medicare, and providing incentives that make small businesses successful. I will work for the kind of future that gives our kids opportunities here and keeps our families together. 

Congress has been of little help to Upstate NY - it's broken and desperately needs to be fixed. Even our democracy seems vulnerable. Extremists and ultra-partisans have made governing a chaotic nightmare where finger pointing and insults replace common sense, hard work and achieving real results. You don’t have to be divisive, ultra-partisan, hateful or a conspiracy theorist to be effective. In fact, you’ll be more effective if you aren’t. 

Meanwhile, Representatives just get richer while working families, seniors, Upstate farmers, the middle class, the poor, and small businesses are being squeezed, and often treated like second-class citizens. 

​I know what it is like to struggle and like so many of you, have had to work hard to stay one step ahead. I hope to meet you in the months ahead, listen to your concerns and take your concerns, hopes and dreams to Congress where I will work tirelessly to make the long needed changes that will make our lives a little better. Please join me.

Erin Skinner for State Supreme Court, 7th Judicial District

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Erin Skinner is a life-long resident of Monroe County. She and her husband met at SUNY Cortland nearly 20 years ago, and have made Rochester their home, along with their daughter and their dog, Bailey. When it comes to the judiciary, experience matters. Erin has served as a Monroe County Assistant Public Defender and has clerked for the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals. She is currently employed as the confidential law clerk of the Honorable Mark A. Montour, a justice of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department. Erin has dedicated her legal career to public service, guided by her desire to make our justice system a more equitable institution and her oath to uphold the constitutions of the United States and New York State.

In addition to her experience in the courtroom, Erin has worked behind the scenes in the Unified Court System for over six years. She has clerked at the New York State Court of Appeals and at the Appellate Division. Most recently, she has had the honor of working for the Honorable Mark A. Montour and the now-retired Honorable Joanne Winslow as a confidential law clerk. As a clerk, Erin has seen first-hand the work of a Supreme Court justice and has aided in that work every day.

Erin truly believes in the credo “With justice for all.” Whether you are a member of the Democrat, Republican, Working Families, or Conservative party, or simply someone who does not feel that any party truly represents their values, Erin asks that you seriously consider voting for her. In return, she promises that she will thoughtfully apply the law to the specific facts of each case that comes before her, without resort to partisan politics, which have no place on the bench. She will truly be a justice for all.


John Bringewatt for State Supreme Court, 7th Judicial District

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I am proud to call Rochester my hometown.  It’s not only where I grew up, but also where my wife and I are raising our children. I am deeply committed to my community and its future.

It has been a privilege to have served as the Monroe County Attorney since January 2020.  In that role, I am proud to oversee a team of more than 30 attorneys responsible for all the County’s civil legal work.  As County Attorney, I address a wide range of legal issues every day.  These issues span the scope of the County’s work, touching on essential areas ranging from public safety to public health, from the airport to the zoo.  In supervising all of the County’s civil litigation, I oversee the same wide variety of cases that I would be responsible for addressing as a Supreme Court Justice.

Prior to serving as County Attorney, I handled a wide range of cases while working in private practice, including an active pro bono practice.  Previously, I served as a law clerk to Judge Susan Carney of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. I would bring expertise in a broad set of legal issues to the bench.

In addition to my legal practice, I regularly volunteer my time in our community.  I have taken on leadership roles in organizations dedicated to providing legal services for those who would otherwise not be able to afford counsel, including having served as a member of the board of directors of the Empire Justice Center and a cabinet member for the Campaign for Justice.  I have also taken on an active role in the local bar, serving as the Co-Chair of the Monroe County Bar Association’s Municipal Attorneys Committee.  I have volunteered in non-legal roles as well, ranging from the Town of Brighton’s Budget Review Task Force, to mentoring children at Hillside Children’s Center, to coaching youth soccer.

I am running for New York Supreme Court because of my commitment to public service in my community. I have a deep respect for the rule of law and the role of the courts in upholding it.  I have always strived to remain level-headed in my work, whether in the middle of contentious litigation or leading the County Law Department, and believe this would enable me to work effectively in a judicial role. I am committed to giving every case the attention it deserves, treating every person with fairness, and doing the work necessary to follow the law faithfully. With your support, I look forward to continuing this journey together.