Seneca County New York Democratic Committee

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Officers and Contact Information

For more information contact

Chair: Susan Ottenweller (585)749-0171

Vice Chair: Sue Sauvageau (315) 568-2426

Vice Chair: Richard Pavio (315) 568-5643

Secretary: Ruth Same  (315) 568-9537

Treasurer: Charles Brady (315) 391-1378


State Committee Reps, 131st AD:

Theodore Young, Susan Sauvageau

State Committee Reps, 132nd AD 

Ben Guthrie, Hilary Gifford


We Welcome your Donation

Please send checks made out to "Seneca County Democratic Committee" to:


Seneca County Democratic Committee

Charles Brady, Treasurer

PO Box 447

Seneca Falls, NY 13148-0447


You can also donate to the Seneca County Democrats online.

Please note that political donations are not tax deductible



Affiliated Organizations: 


To learn more about the NY State Democratic Party,  go to


Join the Democratic Rural Conference! Go to to learn more




Our Mission

The Seneca County Democratic Committee (SCDC) is an organization that works to advance Democratic candidates and values throughout the County. Members are elected by each town; two members for each voting district within the town.



SCDC promotes Democratic ideals that reflect our local needs and issues. In Seneca County these issues include:

  • Creating a vibrant, welcoming community in a clean and healthy environment;
  • Promoting job opportunities that will retain our young residents into the next generation;
  • Supporting public and private efforts to create and maintain safe, decent, affordable housing;
  • Supporting public and private efforts to address mental health and addiction;
  • Supporting full equality for women, minorities, disabled persons and LGBTQ persons;
  • Investing in our children’s education; and 
  • Advocating for reduction of gun violence.


Seneca County Town Democratic Committees


Covert Democrats

Chair of the Covert, NY Democratic Committee

Ben Guthrie

(607) 229-0010



Nanci Rose-Ritter



Romulus Democrats

Chair of the Romulus, NY Democratic Committee:

Michael Elliott

(315) 573-4835



Bea Licak  (607) 869-5929

Barbara McCall

Jane Braunig  (607) 869-5725

Gail Dalmat


Fayette Democrats

Chair of the Fayette, NY Democratic Committee

Cindy Lorenzetti

(315) 585-6282



Charles Brady

Susan Ottenweller

Walter Adamson

Della Mancuso


Seneca Falls Democrats

Chair of the Seneca Falls, NY Democratic Committee:

Sue Savaugeau

(315) 568-2426



Carl Same

Ruth Same

Peter Same

Dan Babbitt

Richard Pavio (315) 568-5643

Mary Sarratori

Heidi Conley

John Quattrociocchi

Ginny Konz

Jean Gilroy

Rachel Weil

Tom Scoles

Melissa Brown

Stephen Churchill

Mary McDonald


Junius Democrats

There is currently no Democratic committee in Junius, NY.

Tyre Democrats

Chair of the Tyre, NY Democratic Committee

Karen Thomson

(315) 573-2854



Currently there are no other members of the Tyre, NY Democratic Committee

Lodi Democrats

Chair of the Lodi, NY Democratic Committee:

Anne Derousie

(607) 582-6203



Paul Batman


Varick Democrats

Chair of the Varick, NY Democratic Committee:

Cynthia Drexler

(315) 730-5114



Michele Hermann

Ovid Democrats

Chair of the Ovid, NY Democratic Committee:

Holly M. Bailey

(607) 532-4924



Bob Meek

Jean Currie

Dave Wood

Waterloo Democrats

Chair of the Waterloo, NY Democratic Committee:

Theodore Young

(315) 539-9614



Sandra Ridley

Tyrone Thomas  (315) 651-5447

Joe Mull (315) 730-2990

Jackie Mull (315) 730-2990

Tracie Young

Judy Young

Jim Cleere