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Melissa Brown for County Clerk

Melissa Brown, 35, is a nine-year veteran of county employment. She graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with concentrations in fine arts, biology and biotechnology and from SUNY Potsdam in studio arts.

Brown is a member of the Seneca County Democratic Committee and chairwoman of its Fundraising Committee, she currently serves on the Seneca Falls Planning Board and on the Board of Trustees of the Seneca Falls Historical Society.

The county clerk has wide ranging responsibilities as the custodian of the official civil and criminal records on file in the country offices and as the chief recording officer and custodian of the county’s public land records. In practice, this means everything from business certificates and deeds and liens to passport applications, pistol permits, and veterans’ discharges. “I have always enjoyed working on the service end of things,” Brown said. “This will be a great opportunity to broaden my responsibilities and serve a broader population.”

Republican Christina Lotz, has held the position of County Clerk for a number of years, and ran unopposed in her last successful bid for the office.

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Matt Miller for NY State Assembly

"Growing up and living in Rochester and the Finger Lakes, I worked various jobs waiting tables, retail, and working in emergency and trauma centers. I also served in the New York Army National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst. My experience in the military and working in healthcare helped me realize my ability to make the state a better place through public service."

"Climate change has led to floods that have created poor conditions for farmers and damaged our already crumbling infrastructure. With conditions worsening every year, the crisis we are facing will impact everyone’s livelihoods. As the crisis advances, Climate Change will worsen the refugee crisis, increase the risk of illness, and harm major industries important to the Finger Lakes’ economy. If we begin to act now, we can use our voices to ensure that Albany addresses climate change in an urgent matter by bringing clean jobs to the state, lower the costs of health care, and invest in the social well-being of New York by addressing mental health, child poverty, and homelessness."

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Tracy Mitrano for Congress (NY-23)

 Tracy is a teacher, proud mother, and cybersecurity policy expert who knows the value of hard work and will do whatever it takes to help NY-23 sow our fields, grow our businesses, and harvest the incredible potential of our communities.

Tracy was moved to step up and enter politics after watching our government’s inability to adequately address, stop or even comprehend the foreign interference in our 2016 elections, as well as the near daily attacks on our digital infrastructure in the form of ransomware and more.

If elected today, Tracy would be the only cyber security expert in Congress.

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Shauna O'Toole for State Senate

O’Toole is running as a Democratic candidate for the 54th district — which encompasses six counties including Monroe, Ontario, Wayne and Seneca Counties. She’s running against Republican incumbent Pamela Helming.

She has worked as an engineer and technician at Kodak, and as a high school earth science teacher. 

O’Toole’s platform is supporting New York’s farmers, and putting an emphasis on trade skills. She is a strong supporter of women's rights and LGBT rights. 

Read about Shauna's groundbreaking run as a transgender candidate

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Katherine Potter for Varick Town Board

Katherine Potter, Yale Farm Rd.,the  successful proprietor of Yale Manor at Copper Beeches, and better known as “The Yurt Lady,” will bring a “new voice” to the Town Board, which has for too long had no representation by a woman, a Democrat, or an Independent.  

Katherine’s qualifications

  • 4.5 Years as a small business leader in Romulus creating over 15 jobs during this time
  • Environmental Geologist - Understanding of environmental impacts and hands on in cleaning up New York from environmental disasters -  while keeping the companies involved from going broke
  • Worked as a General Contractor with extensive experience with Town Boards and Planning Boards adhering to local laws and building requirements
  • Outspoken advocate for safety measures on the job


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Steve Kelley for Seneca Falls Town Justice

Steve is a lifelong resident of Seneca Falls. He is a retired New York State Trooper and former New York State Corrections Officer with 35 years of criminal justice experience. Steve has a reputation of being a fair and dedicated public servant and community volunteer.  His extensive knowledge of New York State laws and legal procedure makes him uniquely qualified to serve as Seneca Falls Town Justice. 


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