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Welcome to the Seneca County Democratic Committee (SCDC) website! We have created this site to reach out to the community and to get your input into the work of the SCDC. You will find our Mission statement, information about  upcoming events, and timely information that affects our community. We would like to hear from you and we welcome your involvement.

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Susan OttenwellerChairperson, Seneca County Democratic Committee

DRC Statement Regarding Systemic Racism, Police Reform, and Black Lives Matter

Drawing on the tradition and history of rural New York’s role as a source of many movements for reform and equality in America, the Democratic Rural Conference of New York State affirms that Black Lives Matter. Recent events have all too painfully demonstrated yet again that racism is systemic and pervasive, especially in our policing and criminal justice. We urge all communities in the rural counties to enter into the State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative with the seriousness and openness to change it deserves.


We note with approval the countless peaceful demonstrations occurring all over rural New York calling for reform and racial justice. For so many of these small communities to turn out in such numbers shows how important this moment is. We commend the many Democratic candidates who have added their voices to this movement. And we will redouble our efforts to welcome, recruit, and encourage people of color to participate in every level of the political system.

Democratic Committee Contributes to Area Food Pantries

In an effort to assist community families who have experienced job and income loss during the pandemic, members of the Seneca County Democratic Committee donated personal funds to the county’s seven food pantries. Members contributed $2,338 in whatever amounts they could to this effort.  Treasurer Charlie Brady distributed the funds in equal amounts to the food pantries on May 5. He noted that this fund did not use any of the committee’s resources, which are dedicated to help Democratic candidates run for office.

A Salute to Andrew Cuomo

The Governor has responded to the coronavirus pandemic by listening to science and putting lives ahead of profits. We are grateful for his leadership. And we are not alone.  A poll released on March 30 shows that 87% of New Yorkers approve of the Governor's handling of the crisis.

A group of talented people from Queens have produced a musical salute to the Governor. It made us smile. We hope you enjoy it. 

Candidate Matt Miller interviewed on Inside FLX

Josh Durso recently caught up with Matt Miller, the Democrat who is running to represent the 131st District in the NY State Assembly. The Canandaigua resident is a frontline worker during the pandemic – working at a local wine store – and has maintained his effort to be elected in the 131st.

That district has been controlled by Republicans, namely Assemblyman Brian Kolb for much of the last three decades. Miller is optimistic that his experiences – even through the pandemic – align with the district, and voters who are eager for change.

Watch Matt's interview with Josh here.


Brown to Seek County Clerk Position

Seneca Falls resident Melissa Brown has declared her candidacy for the position of county clerk, joining the growing list of Democrats running for office in Seneca County this year. Brown, 35, is a nine-year veteran of county employment. She graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with concentrations in fine arts, biology and biotechnology and from SUNY Potsdam in studio arts. A member of the Seneca County Democratic Committee and chairwoman of its Fundraising Committee, she currently serves on the Seneca Falls Planning Board and on the Board of Trustees of the Seneca Falls Historical Society.

The county clerk has wide ranging responsibilities as the custodian of the official civil and criminal records on file in the country offices and as the chief recording officer and custodian of the county’s public land records. In practice, this means everything from business certificates and deeds and liens to passport applications, pistol permits, and veterans’ discharges. “I have always enjoyed working on the service end of things,” Brown said, “and this will be a great opportunity to broaden my responsibilities and serve a broader population."


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The early crusaders for the rights of women would have had the sense to wear masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Seneca Falls Strong! 

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Heather Cox Richardson: Letters from an American

August 2 , 2020

Today's most important story comes from Dr. Deborah Birx, the doctor advising the White House on the coronavirus. She warns that we are entering a “new phase” of the pandemic, when the virus is everywhere and is spreading at such a pace that we could see more than 300,000 deaths by the end of the year. On Saturday, the national daily death toll from Covid-19 reached 1,198, exceeding 1000 for the sixth day in a row.

Birx implores people to wear masks and stay apart… but it is an argument falling on deaf ears among those who continue to believe that Covid-19 is a hoax. Texas is apparently not reporting a number of its cases; Mississippi is so overwhelmed officials don’t actually know what the numbers are, but they are storing bodies in refrigerated storage units. Ignoring the virus, more than 250,000 people are expected to show up next week to the Sturgis, South Dakota, motorcycle rally, which business leaders pressured the City Council to hold despite the objections of more than 60% of Sturgis residents, who fear their town will become a hot spot.

As the death toll rises, Trump today tweeted that other countries were also facing new infections but that the “Fake News” was not reporting it. He added, “USA will be stronger than ever before, and soon!” Then he went golfing.

Already, experts are worried that the Trump administration will rush to market an unproven vaccine in October, boosting Trump’s hopes for reelection. “We expect to have a vaccine available very, very early before the end of the year, far ahead of schedule,” Trump said today. “We’re very close to having that finalized.” But rushing a vaccine will not necessarily help the pandemic response and could hurt it by reducing people’s faith in a vaccine. Experts say that a vaccine will be the beginning of dealing with the coronavirus, not the end, as we spend years perfecting the vaccines and drugs that will handle it most effectively.

Yet, as the coronavirus rages across America, there are signs that the Trump campaign is worried about the upcoming election



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